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What is the 3M Cloud Library?

The 3M Cloud Library is a new way Highland Park Public Library cardholders can checkout eBooks.   Now you can check out a book on an iPad, take notes while reading on a PC, and finish the book on an Android phone or Nook HD.  

3M Cloud Library User Guide
Set up 3M Cloud Library app
Set up 3M Cloud Library app on the Kindle Fire

Quick Start:

Step 1

Download the app.

Download the 3M Cloud Library App from the Apple App Store, Google Play, NOOK Storefront or install the PC or Mac 3M Cloud Library Apps. (see top of page)

Step 2

Log into the library.

Using the drop down menu, select your state (IL), library (Highland Park Public Library), and enter your library card number. Click agree to terms and log in.

Step 3

Browse, check out and read.

Now you are ready to browse, check out and read e-books from the library.

Step 4

Transfer e-books.

If you have an eReader use the PC App to load the eBook through a USB connection (detailed instruction).

Compatible devices

iOS App
iPod touch®
Android App
Android™ Phones
Android™ Devices

PC/Mac App
Windows®/Mac OS X
NOOK® eReader
Kobo™ eReader
Kindle Fire
Nook Apps
NOOK® Tablets

Why Do We Use Both MyMediaMall and 3M Cloud Library?

3M Cloud Library offers eBooks while OverDrive also offers eaudiobooks.  3M Cloud Library is a new, easy to use service.  We offer both services in order to remain focused on providing you with innovative ways to browse, borrow and read popular fiction and non-fiction eBooks.

How Do I Search?

The best way to search currently is by searching both services independently.  At this time, there is no integrated search feature that searches both Overdrive and 3MCloud Library simultaneously.  We strongly advise logging in to either service before beginning your search.

I Like Books, but do you have full-color downloadable magazines too?

Yes! You can download and read over 60 free digital magazines by using Zinio. Check out our Zinio page for full instructions.

Having trouble?

Call the Reference Desk for help at 847-681-7031 or email us.