Instant Access to Music, Movies, TV & Audiobooks

WE’VE JUST EXPANDED your digital borrowing options with hoopla digital. For the first time, we’re offering music, movies, and TV shows to stream or download. Hoopla also has a great selection of audiobooks. Everything is available instantly; there’s no waiting! Hoopla is free – and easy to use. You just need a Highland Park Public Library card.

  • Borrow up to 10 items per month
  • Use movies/TV for 3 days; music 1 week; audiobook 3 weeks
  • No overdue fees
  • Music is loaned as complete albums
  • Includes content from major Hollywood studios, record companies, and publishers​​

​​On a smartphone or tablet, get the free hoopla app to steam or download

It works on Apple devices (iOS6 or higher) and Androids (Android 4 or higher).



To use hoopla on a computer, you must have an internet connection and the safe video player Widevine installed. Widevine is not needed for mobile devices.

Question: What is Widevine? 

Answer: Widevine is a safe video player that hoopla uses via your web browser to play our video content. Widevine is a free add-on for your browser that is owned by Google. If you do not already have this installed when you attempt to play a video title in your web browser you will see a notification that will direct you to the Widevine website, from there you simply need to click on Install Now and follow the on screen prompts. 

Question: How do you install the Widevine Plug-In? 

Answer: The Widevine installation varies depending on the browser you are using. Here are installation manuals for Internet Explorer 8Internet Explorer 10Chrome, and Firefox.