Good Books for Cold Winter Days Selected for Braeside 2nd Graders

Becker, Bonny The Magical Ms. Plum.
Bunting, Eve Nasty, Stinky Sneakers.
Byars, Betsy Cromer The SOS File.
Cox, Judy Cool Cat, School Cat.
Evans, Nate Meet the Beast.
Friedman, Laurie B. Mallory on the Move.
  Back to School, Mallory.
  Mallory vs. Max.
  Happy Birthday, Mallory!
  In Business with Mallory.
  Heart-to-Heart with Mallory.
  Mallory on Board.
  Honestly, Mallory!
  Campfire Mallory.
  Step Fourth, Mallory!
  Red, White & True Blue Mallory.
  Happy New Year, Mallory!
  Mallory Goes Green!
  Mallory in the Spotlight.
Holm, Jennifer L. Queen of the World!
  Our Hero.
  Beach Babe.
  Rock Star.
  Camp Babymouse.
  Skater Girl.
  Puppy Love.
  Monster Mash.
  The Musical.
  Burns Rubber.
  Cupcake Tycoon.
  Mad Scientist.
Jonell, Lynne Hamster Magic.
Mitchard, Jacquelyn Rosalie, My Rosalie: The Tale of a Duckling.
Murphy, Jill The Worst Witch.
  The Worst Witch Strikes Again.
  Bad Spell for the Worst Witch.
  The Worst Witch at Sea.
  The Worst Witch Saves the Day.
  The Worst Witch to The Rescue.
Musgrove, Marianne Lucy the Good.
Petersen, P.J. The Sub.
Rodowsky, Colby F. The Next-Door Dogs.
Salisbury, Graham Trouble Magnet.
  The Zippy Fix.
  Dog Heaven.
Scieszka, Jon Spaceheadz: Book 1.
  Spaceheadz: Book 2.
Stadler, Alexander Trash Crisis on Earth.
  Invasion of the Relatives.
Thomson, Melissa Keena Ford and the Secret Journal Mix-up.
Wallace, Rich The Ball Hogs.