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Felix Yz by Lisa Bunker

Reading Level: Grades 5-8

Felix was a normal child until he was three and one of his father's attempts to access the fourth dimension went awry.  Since then Felix and a fourth dimensional being Felix calls Yz have shared Felix's brain.  Past attempts to separate them failed.  This next attempt must work because at thirteen, Felix's body has begun the journey to adulthood and if Felix and Yz aren't separated soon, they both will die.

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Exo by Fonda Lee

Perijee & Me by Ross Montgomery and

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The Explorers: The Door in the Alley by Adrienne Kress

Reading Level Grades 4-6

Sebastian lives a quiet predictable life.  Every day he travels across the city to a school for children who are gifted in math and science.  After school, he travels home, has dinner with his brilliant parents, does his homework and goes to bed.  Yes, his life is wonderfully predictable and logical.  Just the way Sebastian likes.  Until a chance trip down an alley leads him to the Explorers' Club.

Evie has been in the orphanage for two years.  It is boring, dull, awful...she hates it.  Even worse are the bland, awkward dinner with the Andersons.  Those evenings take forever.  Until the dinner Evie and the Andersons are attacked by two strange men.  Mrs. Anderson fights like a ninja.  Wounded she gives Evie a letter and pushes her out a secret tunnel.. The letter leads Evie to the Explorers' Club.

Two very different children both led to one place, a place that will plunge them into thrilling adventure and great danger.

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Mission Unstoppable by Dan Gutman and

The Treasure Hunters by James Patterson

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Reading Level: Grade 3-6

Ever since his grandfather was taken away, Prez Mellows has cycled in and out of foster homes.  He had just been welcomed by the Blythe family for a summer stay at their farm, when a kilt wearing alien shows up at the front door.  Only Prez can see his real form.  Everyone else sees a dog, although they cannot agree on the size or breed.

Sputnik Mellows, the alien takes Prez's last name, recruits Prez to help with his mission to save Earth from Planetary Clearance.  All they have to do is come up with ten important things that make Earth unique.  This seemingly easy task is complicated by Sputnik's penchant for "fixing" things, like the broken toy light sabre which wielded in the hands of a toddler takes down an ancient tree.

Can Prez find his grandfather?  Can Prez survive his partnership with a havoc wreaking alien?  Will the Earth be saved?  Read this laugh aloud book to find out.

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Splinter by Sasha Dawn

Reading Level: Grades 7-10

When Sami was six, her mother left the house and never returned.  No trace of her was ever found.  The local police are sure Delilia Lang is dead.  They are also sure Sami's father killed her mother.  For ten long years the police have been hoping for a break in the case.  Now they have it.  Another woman has gone missing.  A woman connected to Sami's father.  Sami cannot believe her gentle, kind father killed her mother.  But if not him, who?  And what if Sami's wrong?  Is her life in danger too?

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Other chilling murder mysteries include:

Half in Love With Death by Emily Ross

No Such Person by Caroline Cooney and

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