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Summer Reading

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     June 8 - August 1, 2015

For Children Under Three with an Adult

Summer Book Buddies

Relax and spend time reading, singing and doing activities with your young child – have fun together and foster language development and a love of reading.  Pick up a log to keep track of your sharing time and earn fun child-safe prizes. 

For Ages 3 - 5

This program is structured for pre-readers and readers.

Come to the Youth Services Desk with a book you and your child have read together and pick up a paper reading log.   It is up to you and your child to decide how many books you want to read between visits to the Library, but you must read at least one book for your child to be eligible to talk about a book and take home a prize. Each time your preschooler visits the Library to talk about a book, he can pick a prize from the Treasure Chest.

Online program:  For every three books reviewed online, preschoolers will be able to choose a small toy from our Treasure Chest.

For Entering Grades K - 5

Come to the Youth Services Department with a Library book that you have read.  Write the titles and authors of the books you have completed in your paper reading log. Each time you visit you can tell us about one book and we will stamp its title on your reading log.  Bring the book to your reporting session.  Then you can try your luck and collect tokens which you can redeem for prizes.  You may tell us about one book a day and play our game once a day, but feel free to read as many books as you want between visits.

Online program:  Write an online book review and earn 2 tokens.  Readers can log one review per day.  Use tokens to purchase prizes in our Prize Gallery.

For Entering Grades 6 - 9

Bring your books to the Library and discuss them with a staff member.  You may report on up to one book a day. You willl receive 1 Point per page.  You must bring the book with you to the report table to earn Points. Use your Points to buy prizes.

Online Program:  Write an online review of a book at your reading level and at least 100 pages long and earn 50 Points.  Readers may do one online report per day.  Use your Points to buy prizes.

Summer Special Events

To see our scheduled summer special events go to our calendar and advance to June or July.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Year Round

Newborn through Preschool

Read 1,000 books to your young child before he enters kindergarten and win prizes.

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Book Match

January - March

Like to read and want some friendly competition?  Join a team and have some fun!

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