Meeting Rooms

21st century Needs

The library is a venue that promotes startups and entrepreneurship. We offer many of the things a 21st century innovator needs: Internet access, work space, reference materials, and professional guidance.

Our newest facilities feature content creation areas for creative professionals, business incubation and hoteling space for small businesses and nonprofits, and enhanced areas for job seekers to find career assistance.

Highland Park library card holders may reserve one of the meeting rooms up to one week in advance by calling 847-681-7031 or in person by visiting the Adult Services reference desk.


media:scape illustration

Open. Connect. Share.

Media:scape has two monitors with multiple ports and was designed for a “walk-up and connect” experience. Open. Connect. Share.

Open the media well and remove a Puck™
Connect the Puck to your laptop
Share what’s on your laptop by pressing the Puck™ 

Adaptors for Mac laptops are available for loan at the Adult Reference Desk.