Cold Summer

Gwen Cole

Reading Level: Grades 7-10

17-year-old Kale Jackson is a runner.  Everyone in his small Iowa town knows it.  He's been disappearing for days at a time for years.  No one can stop him.  Not his parents, brother and sister or his teachers. They've all given up.  His mother left.  His father ignores him,  He's been kicked out of school.

Years ago, he told everyone why he was leaving.  No one believed him except his best friend, his siblings and "Uncle" Jasper.  Kale is an involuntary time traveler.  He has been pulled into the past again and again.  It used to be fun.  He went to all kinds of interesting times and places.  It isn't fun anymore.  Over and over he is being flung into the same past.  He's home for a week or so and then he is back to the same exact second of time he left.  With his unit in the cold, cold forest.  Climbing trees, keeping watch.  Sniper scope on his rifle. Ready to kill in an instant.  To protect his company from the German enemy.

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