Greetings From Witness Protection

Jake Burt

Reading Level: Grades 5-8

13-year-old Nikki Demere is not the ideal foster child.  She's an expert pickpocket.   Not many families want a thief in their house.  That's why Nikki lives at the Center with the other foster care rejects.  One day she is called into the director's office and questioned by two U.S. marshals.  Not because they want to arrest her but because they need a streetwise kid to keep a family safe.  The family is hiding from the Mob. The Mob is looking for a mother, a father and a son.  Adding a daughter to the mix will throw the them off.  Before Nikki knows it she is living in a lovely house with a loving mother and father.  The brother...not so much.  She could almost get used to the high life.  As long as it doesn't get  her killed.

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