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Photo: Friends can do so many things - linked to brochureThe Friends of the Highland Park Public Library is dedicated to supporting the Library in its educational, social, and cultural role in our community. For more than 125 years, our Library has remained one of our greatest resources.

Funds that are raised by the Friends are used to purchase much needed equipment and materials and to offer important special events that are not able to be funded through the regular budget. Over the years, the Friends have provided items as simple as specialized library furniture and as critical as technology upgrades to ensure the delivery of vital services to everyone in our community at no charge. The Friends has funded educational programs, summer reading programs, children’s special events, and many community-wide cultural events. Currently, the Friends achieve these goals through the following strategies:

(1) Membership fees of $15 per person per year which demonstrates an individual’s support for this valuable institution;

(2) Regular sales in the Book Nook in the Lower Level Lobby on Thursdays and Saturdays and sales of books displayed at all times in the corridor outside the Adult Services Room of donated books from the community and books retired from the library’s collection;

(3) Once or twice a year Big Sales(depending on the number of books donated) held in April-May and November in the Library auditorium on the lower level ;

(4) Annual direct mail appeal mailed to all households in 60035 in late fall;

You can help now by becoming a member of Friends of the Highland Park Public Library by sending a donation (minimum of $15) to Friends of HPPL, 494 Laurel Avenue, Highland Park, IL 60035.

Download the Friends' fundraising mailer

Fill out and mail in the form to join the Friends!

You can help even more by responding generously to the annual mail appeal with a gift that directly benefits your community.

Let’s not forget our Book Sales – donate your gently used books, cds, and DVDs. Please keep in mind that we wish to sell these items, this is not a disposal system for dirty, moldy books that should be tossed.





Friends Board of Directors

Suzanne Zweig and Carol Porwancher – Co-Presidents
Pete Koukos – Treasurer
Debbie Brown, Secretary
Leah Benjamin – Corresponding Secretary
Jane Conway – Executive Director HPPL
Les Axelrod – Liaison to HPPL Board of Trustees

2016-2017 Board of Friends

Necia Apfel – Immediate Past President of Friends
Sandy Becker
Sharon Belloff
Rosanne Cohen Else-Britt DeLong
Peg Koukos
Selena Pestine
Teddi Scholz
Lila Trotsky

Book Nook Volunteers

Necia Apfel
Judith Baron
Sandy Becker
Sharon Belloff
Leah Benjamin
Mary Bix
Hazel Bren
Rosanne Cohen
Joan David
Else-Britt DeLong
Chloe Deasy
Brittany Freeman
Guy Golan
Sue Hoseman 
Pearl Korey
Peg Koukos
Bessie Levin
Ruth Levinson
Sue McMann
Barbara Mehlman
Susan O’Neil
Selena Pestine
Carol Porwancher
Dianne Schlair
Teddi Scholz
Claire Shapiro
Mary Sgaraglino
Betty Stuart
Rita Troege
Toni Warshal