ChiltonLibrary Delivers Amazing New Features for DIYers & Pros

For more than 100 years, Chilton products have set the standard for reference sources for students, DIY automotive enthusiasts, and professionals. These exceptional resources are easily accessible for Highland Park Public Library cardholders in a comprehensive, simple-to-use database.

This 24/7 online reference provides access to repair, maintenance, and service information on the most popular cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Better yet, ChiltonLibrary is constantly being updated to provide the latest, most valuable information. Check out the exciting new updates now available!

  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Test Prep Quizzes: Library patrons can prepare for the most popular certification exams with sample questions that allow them to assess their readiness. Users can test their knowledge on topics like engine repair and heating and air conditioning, with the most up-to-date content available that is reviewed and approved by master technicians for real-world accuracy. 
  • Labor Time Lookup Tool: This accurate, easy-to-use tool will inform patrons on the time and costs (multiply labor time by the hourly labor rate) of performing a repair. Chilton’s professional technicians draw upon their experience and access to technical information to calculate times and take into consideration skill level, tools, and variables such as the age and condition of the vehicle. Chilton labor times include three components: the manufacturer warranty time (OEM), the regular time, and the severe service time.

What is are ASE Sample Tests and the Labor Estimator Tool? 

The ASE Technician Sample Tests available in are short sample tests which provide a high-level assessment of overall readiness to pass an ASE certification exam. Patrons will gain a better understanding of their strengths and areas needing additional review. According to the National Institute for Automotive Excellence more than 300,000 automotive professionals nationwide have earned the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence and must renew their certification every 5 years. Tests may be taken any number of times.

Tests contain:

  • Sample questions similar to those seen on ASE exams
  • Information and strategies to pass the first time
  • Content reviewed and approved by master technicians for real-world accuracy
  • The most up-to-date material available
  • ASE-style exam questions reflecting the most recent ASE task list — the skills that technicians need to know on the job

ASE Sample Prep Tests in the Chilton database:

  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation A1 – Automotive Engine Repair
    Chilton ASE Test Prep

    Click to enlarge to see a screen shot of the ASE test prep.

  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation A2 – Automatic Transmissions & Transaxles
  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation A3 – Automotive Manual Drive Trains & Axles
  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation A4 – Automotive Suspension & Steering
  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation A5 – Automotive Brakes
  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation A6 – Automotive Electrical – Electronic Systems
  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation A7 – Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation A8 – Automotive Engine Performance
  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation A9 – Light Vehicle Diesel Engines
  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation X1 – Exhaust Systems
  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation P2 – Automobile Parts Specialist
  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation L1 – Automotive Advance Engine Performance
  • Online ASE Technician Test Preparation C1 – Service Consultant


Labor Estimating

The ChiltonLibrary Estimator Tool allows patrons to answer the following questions related to vehicles from 1981 to current models:

  • How long will the repair take?
  • What will the repair cost? (Multiply labor time by the hourly labor rate)
  • How do I better understand the professional estimate for my vehicle repairs
  • How much time would it take to do related repairs together? (Combined time)

Chilton provides one of the most trusted Labor Estimator Tools on the market. Because all labor times are not the same, Chilton’s professional technicians draw upon their experience and access to technical information to calculate times that take into consideration skill level, tools, and variables such as the age and condition of the vehicle.


Click to enlarge and see the labor estimator tool.

There are three times calculated in the Labor Estimator Tool:

Chilton labor times include three components: the manufacturer warranty time (OEM), the regular time, and the severe service time. Warranty times are often based on time studies and are the length of time the carmaker says it should take a trained dealer technician using dealer tools to perform a job. This is the labor time the carmaker will use to reimburse the dealer for warranty work. Chilton “Regular” labor times, work from the manufacturer warranty time, while drawing on professional experience and other factors to calculate the time it would take a technician in an independent shop to perform the same procedure. Chilton pioneered the use of “Severe” service times, which are for conditions where wear, age, rust, dirt, etc. make service more difficult and so more time is needed to complete the job.



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General Election 2014

On November 4, 2014 the General Election will be held and Highland Park residents will vote for the Congressional offices of United States Senator and United States House of Representatives (10th District), Illinois State House Representative (58th District), the State of Illinois Executive Offices, and Lake County Executive Offices. The ballot also includes “Judicial Candidates Seeking Retention in Office”, two proposed amendments to the 1970 Illinois Constitution, and several statewide advisory questions.


What's on your ballot? Where is your polling place? Are you registered to vote? Lake County Voter Power web site can answer these questions. Other voting information is available on the Lake County Voter Services page.

Early Voting begins on Monday, October 20th and ends on Sunday, November 2nd. The early voting polling place for Highland Park residents is Highland Park Police Station Community Room, 1677 Old Deerfield Road. The hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. For those who do not live in Highland Park, see your early voting sites here.

Candidate biographies, positions on issues, and other information are available at the League of Women Voters of Illinois Voters Guide 2014, Chicago Tonight's Politics page, and the Chicago Tribune's Election Center.

The Illinois Bar Association has ratings for the Judicial Candidates.

The proposed amendments and statewide advisory questions are (ballot wording):

  1. Proposed amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution makes changes to Section 8.1 of Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution, the Crime Victims' Bill of Rights. The proposed amendment would expand certain rights already granted to crime victims in Illinois, and give crime victims the ability to enforce their rights in a court of law. You are asked to decide whether the proposed amendment should become part of the Illinois Constitution.
  2. The proposed amendment adds a new section to the Suffrage and Elections Article of the Illinois Constitution. The proposed amendment would prohibit any law that disproportionately affects the rights of eligible Illinois citizens to register to vote or cast a ballot based on the voter's race, color, ethnicity, status as a member of a language minority, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or income. You are asked to decide whether the proposed amendment should become part of the Illinois Constitution.
  3. Statewide Advisory Question: "Shall the minimum wage in Illinois for adults over the age of 18 be raised to $10 per hour by January 1, 2015?"
  4. Statewide Advisory Question: "Shall any health insurance plan in Illinois that provides prescription drug coverage be required to include prescription birth control as part of that coverage?"
  5. Statewide Advisory Question: "Should the Illinois Constitution be amended to require that each school district receive additional revenue, based on their number of students, from an additional 3% tax on income greater than one million dollars?"

Additional information about the proposed amendments and advisory questions and available in the "Proposed Amendments and Addition to the Illinois Constitution" produced by the Illinois Secretary of State's Office, and the League of Women Voters of Illinois "Constitutional Amendments and Advisory Referenda Ballot Questions" page.

If you need additional information or help in navigating these web sites, stop by the Reference Desk or call 847/681-7031 and the Reference Librarians will be happy to help you.



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Hey Puzzle Fanatics, We Have Something For You

There are thousands of crossword puzzles and other brain busters available through the library's Zinio digital magazine collection. For those of you who prefer to do your puzzles with pencil and eraser you can print them out at home or here in the library. For more information on how to use Zinio head over here, otherwise continue:


Let’s get started! 

1. In your computer or device's browser, go to the Highland Park Zinio page. Here you will find many magazines available free for download as long as you have a library card. Before we go any further, log-in or click Create New Account in the top right corner of the page.


2. Search for this title: Games World of Puzzles


3. Checkout an issue of Games World of Puzzles




4. Open the issue and find a puzzle that suits today's mood. 













5. Look for printing options. Most likely they are in the lower left hand corner of your screen.


6. Press print. Enjoy.




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Library Apps Take Center Stage: Mango Languages Library Edition

Mango's unique methodology, Intuitive Language Construction™, mimics the natural process in which people learn by presenting material through practical conversations. Every lesson incorporates the four conversational components that are critical to effective communication in a foreign language: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture.

Ready to start a conversation? With Mango Languages’ Library Edition App you can get free access to over 30 foreign language courses and 14 English courses taught in the user’s native language. You must have a library card to use this app. iOS | Android

La atención! If you are new to Mango start by creating an account here: MANGO


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Library Resources: Spotlight on Health & Wellness Resource Center

Our Health & Wellness Resource Center contains articles and information about medicine, health, and alternative health. You'll also find videos, magazines, pamphlets, health encyclopedias, and a drug and herb finder. Health information is also available in Spanish.

Click here for a guided tour through the Health & Wellness Resource Center.

The library's Resources page has many options for learning and entertainment, available at no cost with your library card!

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Happy birthday, Tobias Wolff

Author Tobias Wolff celebrates his sixty-ninth birthday today. One of the few writers of equally compelling fiction and non-fiction work, the website Biographile ( describes his style as "at once matter of fact and urgent."  

If his name sounds familiar, you may have seen the film version of his memoir, This Boy's Life.  Other books written by him include:


In Pharoahs Army: Memories of the Lost War - Wolff fought in the Vietnam War; this is his memoir of that time.

Our Story Begins: New and Selected Stories

The Night in Question: Stories 

Back in the World: Stories

The Barracks Thief (a novel)

Old School (a novel)

In the Garden of the North American Martyrs (short stories)

Celebrate his birthday by reading one of his books!

April 27th - May 3rd is Preservation Week

Most of us are creators and collectors of something we value or enjoy, such as family papers, photographs, cookbooks, or postcards. They are a big part of who we are and what we do. We think about passing these collections on to our families, even our communities.


Bring in to the library your 35mm slides, audio cassettes, and VHS tapes and use the digital media lab to digitize and preserve your media. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a librarian to learn how to digitize your items click hereHere are additional resources to help you preserve your family treasures and learn what to do when disaster strikes



35mm Slide (left) digitized in Highland Park Public Library Digital Media Lab courtesy Isadore Kaplan



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So many things have occurred this week - Passover, Holy Week, the lunar eclipse, a tease of spring followed by more snow - that National Library Week has almost passed by without acknowledgement.  But that changes now...




When you stop in to the library this week, add a post-it about your aspirations to the "wall of thoughts" (as featured on our Facebook page!) 

And since it is also National Poetry Month, here is a poem about libraries by Julia Donaldson, 2011 - 2013 British Children's Laureate.

Everyone is welcome to walk through the door.
It really doesn't matter if you're rich or poor.
There are books in boxes and books on shelves.
They're free for you to borrow, so help yourselves.

Come and meet your heroes, old and new,
From William the Conqueror to Winnie the Pooh.
You can look into the Mirror or read The Times,
Or bring along a toddler to chant some rhymes.

The librarian's a friend who loves to lend,
So see if there's a book that she can recommend.
Read that book, and if you're bitten
You can borrow all the other ones the author's written.

Are you into battles or biography?
Are you keen on gerbils or geography?
Gardening or ghosts? Sharks or science fiction?
There's something here for everyone, whatever your addiction.

There are students revising, deep in concentration,
And school kids doing projects, finding inspiration.
Over in the corner there's a table with seating,
So come along and join in the Book Club meeting.

Yes, come to the library! Browse and borrow,
And help make sure it'll still be here tomorrow.

("Library Poem" published in The Guardian, February 3, 2012)

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