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      Tax Forms

      The Library has received our shipment of the Illinois Department of Revenue forms (IL 1040 form, IL 1040 instructions, and Schedule ICR). The library has received most of the Internal Revenue Service forms, schedules, and instructions we ordered.


      Internal Revenue Service:

      Here is what we may have:

      • 1040 Forms
      • 1040 Instructions 
      • 1040A Forms 
      • 1040A Instructions 
      • 1040EZ Forms 
      • 1040EZ Instructions 
      • Schedules A, B, C, C-EZ, D, E, EIC, R, and SE 
      • Other miscellaneous forms

      IRS Forms Ordering Information:

      • Forms and Publications (Individuals & Businesses) - (800) 829-3676
      • Forms and Publications (Individuals) by mail - Order here
      • Forms and Publications (Businesses) - Order Form

      IRS Help:

      • Telephone Assistance for Individuals - (800) 829-1040
      • Telephone Assistance for Businesses - (800) 829-4933
      • Refund Hotline - (800) 829-1954
      • Telephone Assistance for the Hearing Impaired - (800) 829-4059
      • Taxpayer Advocate Service - (312) 566-3800 OR (877) 777-4778

      Local IRS Offices (open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm)

      • 5100 River Road, Schiller Park IL, (847) 671-7541
      • 230 S. Dearborn, 17th Floor, Chicago IL, (312) 292-4912

      Illinois Department of Revenue

      We have been informed by the Illinois Department of Revenue that we will receive one (1) shipment (with NO reorder) of a limited number of the following:

      • 1040 IL Forms
      • 1040 IL Instructions
      • Schedule ICR

      We are requesting people limit the forms and instructions to one form/booklet per person. All other Illinois tax forms and instructions are available online.

      Illinois Department of Revenue Contacts (Monday- Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm):

      • 24-Hour Forms Order Line - (800) 356-6302
      • Taxpayer Assistance Lines- (800) 732-8866 OR (217) 782-3336
      • Taxpayer Assistance for the Hearing Impaired - (800) 544-5304
      • Business Hot Line - (217) 524-4772

      Local Illinois Department of Revenue Offices (open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm)

      • Maine North Regional Building, 9511 W. Harrison Ave., Des Plaines IL, (847) 294-4200
      • James R. Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph St., Concourse Level, Chicago IL., (800) 732-8866
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      Don't Google when it counts

      Don’t risk your business, investments, or class grade on sketchy research. 

      Google is great, but when you want to be sure you have hard facts and authoritative information, the library’s premium online resources are the way to go. Premium resources are collections of professional-grade information, written, complied, and organized by experts.

      They are:

      • Composed of published works where facts are checked and an editorial process is used
      • Well-organized, providing advanced searching that can help narrow a topic or suggest related subjects
      • Typically written from a neutral point of view, without hidden bias
      • Updated frequently and indicates the date of publication, so you can confirm how current the information is
      • Often available by subscription only

      Examples include Consumer Reports OnlineLexisNexisMorningstar Investment Research CenterAncestry.comWorld Book encyclopedia, and others. The library subscribes to more than 60 such services, covering a wide range of subject areas including business, genealogy, history and geography, test preparation, language learning, technology and computers, health and medicine, auto repair, and more.

      Access is free when you log in with your Highland Park Public Library card. Most premium resources are available from your personal computer or mobile device. For a small handful of these resources, access is limited by the publisher to in-library use only. Find the full list at:

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