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      Library Apps Take Center Stage: Mango Languages Library Edition

      Mango's unique methodology, Intuitive Language Construction™, mimics the natural process in which people learn by presenting material through practical conversations. Every lesson incorporates the four conversational components that are critical to effective communication in a foreign language: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture.

      Ready to start a conversation? With Mango Languages’ Library Edition App you can get free access to over 30 foreign language courses and 14 English courses taught in the user’s native language. You must have a library card to use this app. iOS | Android

      La atención! If you are new to Mango start by creating an account here: MANGO


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      Library Resources: Spotlight on Health & Wellness Resource Center

      Our Health & Wellness Resource Center contains articles and information about medicine, health, and alternative health. You'll also find videos, magazines, pamphlets, health encyclopedias, and a drug and herb finder. Health information is also available in Spanish.

      Click here for a guided tour through the Health & Wellness Resource Center.

      The library's Resources page has many options for learning and entertainment, available at no cost with your library card!

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