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From Standard & Poor's, Net Advantage is a professional source for company analysis and investment rankings, including tools to understand personal & family financial matters.


      NEW! is an educational resource that has many easy-to-use video tutorials featuring experts on Photoshop, Illustrator, web design, digital video and audio, and much more! You can choose your course by subject, software or author. Learn more.

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      Library Offers Access to Online Courses

      NEW! Highland Park Public Library cardholders can enroll in courses ranging from beginning drawing to accounting & finance. Courses are offered once a month, span 6 weeks, and are led by an expert instructor who will be responsive to each student's learning needs. Next session begins January 21. Learn more and register here.

      Never stop learning


      Whether you’re looking for college-level, professional development, or personal enrichment courses, Highland Park Public Library now offers hundreds of online courses that are accessible anywhere online, 24/7. Gale Courses offer well-crafted lessons, expert online instruction, and interaction with fellow students.

      Gale Courses offers access to online learning courses that are available anytime, anywhere, any place. Other benefits include:

      • Courses are free for all patrons interested in any discipline
      • Gale Courses is easy to use; you use your library account to sign up and log in
      • With six-week courses, you can join programs year-round

      Gain valuable knowledge you can immediately apply to your life or on the job. There’s definitely something for everyone:

      • Career & Professional Development: Many courses are tied to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ fastest-growing occupations. Examples include: Accounting, Resume Writing, Business and Management, Grant Writing and Nonprofit, Real Estate, Healthcare, and Sales and Marketing


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