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      A shout-out to NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK!

      So many things have occurred this week - Passover, Holy Week, the lunar eclipse, a tease of spring followed by more snow - that National Library Week has almost passed by without acknowledgement.  But that changes now...




      When you stop in to the library this week, add a post-it about your aspirations to the "wall of thoughts" (as featured on our Facebook page!) 

      And since it is also National Poetry Month, here is a poem about libraries by Julia Donaldson, 2011 - 2013 British Children's Laureate.

      Everyone is welcome to walk through the door.
      It really doesn't matter if you're rich or poor.
      There are books in boxes and books on shelves.
      They're free for you to borrow, so help yourselves.

      Come and meet your heroes, old and new,
      From William the Conqueror to Winnie the Pooh.
      You can look into the Mirror or read The Times,
      Or bring along a toddler to chant some rhymes.

      The librarian's a friend who loves to lend,
      So see if there's a book that she can recommend.
      Read that book, and if you're bitten
      You can borrow all the other ones the author's written.

      Are you into battles or biography?
      Are you keen on gerbils or geography?
      Gardening or ghosts? Sharks or science fiction?
      There's something here for everyone, whatever your addiction.

      There are students revising, deep in concentration,
      And school kids doing projects, finding inspiration.
      Over in the corner there's a table with seating,
      So come along and join in the Book Club meeting.

      Yes, come to the library! Browse and borrow,
      And help make sure it'll still be here tomorrow.

      ("Library Poem" published in The Guardian, February 3, 2012)

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      For Fans of Genteel Macabre

      If you enjoy having your funny bone tickled at the same time you are being repelled, you might be a fan of Edward Gorey.


      Gorey, born in Chicago in 1925, had a style all his own.  Loyola University Museum of Art has two exhibits of his work running from February 15 - June 15, 2014.  The library has many of his books in both the Adult and Youth Services collections.  If the exhibits leave you hungry for more, check out some of his books!


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