Hang out . Mess around . Geek out. 

Hang out . Mess around . Geek out.

Hang out . Mess around . Geek out.    Hang out . Mess around . Geek out.       Hang out . Mess around . Geek out.  

There is something you're really into. You've connected with the like minded. Now use the library to geek out, collaborate, brainstorm, and whatever else it is that helps you explore that spark. Call 847-681-7031 to reserve meeting rooms or the Digital Media Lab. Make sure you have a valid Highland Park library card.




Interested in helping us plan teen programming at the library while gaining service hours?  Apply for the Teen Leadership Council!






Download Music, Movies, and TV shows



Stream movies, TV, music, and audio books. Up to 10 month, all titles instantly available, no waiting list! Get started at the hoopla website or get the App.

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Freegal Music

Freegal Music is a new streaming and download service that offers over 400,000 songs and videos. Read more.

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Find Four 

Round up four people (including yourself) and explore the spirit of invention, creativity, learning, and do-it-yourself (DIY) culture. Email us at: hppla@hplibrary.org.  In the SUBJECT HEADER write Find Four: Arduino or Find Four: Electronic Music or Find Four: Podcasting. From there we'll find a time that works for everybody.


ArduinoArduino 101

Build super awesome Arduino Projects such as the "Randomly Influenced Finger Flute", or R.I.F.F., and an Adjustable Strobe! 





Electronic Music ProductionElectronic Music Production

Explore the techniques behind the music, what makes the sounds. We will explore through the use of the computer the "mechanics" of music and make a little of our own in the process.






Want to make a podcast dedicated to reviewing the latest and hottest video games? Or how about a podcast dedicated to Yarn Bombing? Or maybe you have an idea way better than either of these. Whatever your idea is, find four and learn how to use the tools to build a professional quality podcast and distribute it in places like iTunes.