New Music Highlights

Looking for some new tunes? The Film & Music Department has you covered. Check out these new additions to our collection.


Kendrick Lamar- DAMN.

Kendrick Lamar is one of the most critically acclaimed rappers working today. His previous album earned him a Grammy for Best Rap Album and his newest effort is another example of why he receives such high praise. Though Lamar’s voice mostly carries the album, there are also guest appearances from Rihanna and U2.

Aimee Mann- Mental Illness

Aimee Mann’s ninth studio album is great mood music for when you are feeling down or just when you want something mellow and beautiful in the background. Each song tells an intimate story with simple instrumentation that highlights Mann’s voice and melodies.

the Shins- Heartworms

Heartworms contains eleven tracks that will get stuck in your head for days. While the songs sound upbeat and summery, singer / frontman James Mercer covers some important subjects like wanting his daughters to grow up feeling empowered, his own sad childhood, and general existential dread.

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