Finding AV Materials

Here are a few simple tips that we follow when looking for materials.

What section is it in?

Materials in the Film & Music Department other than Feature Films are shelved by “genre”. The easiest way to determine where an item is located in our department is to identify its call number in the library’s online catalog.

Our newest films are located to the right of the Film & Music Services entrance and may be checked out for 2 days. Recently added films are located in the Lobby. Recently added films may include new non-fiction and television series, older films that have been recently acquired, or previous 2-Day films that have not yet been filed into the rest of the collection.

Is it filed under THE?

Titles that begin with an article such A, AN, and THE are shelved according to the first word following the article. For example, The Hobbit is shelved under the letter H for "Hobbit".

What if the title begins with a number?

Titles beginning with numerical digits such as 12 Angry Men are shelved before the letter A in ascending order. Titles beginning with a number that is written out are shelved alphabetically. For example, Nine is shelved under the letter N.

How are CDs filed?

CDs are filed first by genre, then by band name. If the album is by an artist who performs under a real name it is filed by their last name first in the appropriate genre. Please ask a librarian for assistance if you are having difficulty determining the CD's genre.

What if I see Oversize or Collections in the call number?

CDs with these categorizations are located in different areas within our collection. Oversize items or boxed sets are located on a shelf next to the entrance to the AV department. Collections do not typically have one single artist or author and are located at the beginning of their respective genres.