Anderson, Catherine. Star Bright


Fearing that her powerful, abusive husband is planning to murder her as she suspects he murdered his first two wives, Rainie Hall fakes her own death with the help of her friends and moves to Crystal Falls, Oregon, to start anew. She is hesitant about applying for the bookkeeper job she sees listed at a local horse ranch—what if her employer checks her references and discovers she’s using a fake identity?—but she has to work so she takes the risk. Parker Harrigan, her new employer, is a handsome, strong, intelligent man; at first angry when he discovers her deception, he also realizes that she’s most likely running for a good reason and keeps her on. Meanwhile, back in Seattle, Rainie’s husband has hired a private investigator to locate his runaway wife and he's getting closer and closer to finding her.  As Rainie’s danger grows, so too does the attraction and affection between herself and Parker.

A touching romance, as well as a novel that addresses the serious issues of domestic abuse and the long, fraught process of healing from the psychological trauma. 

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