Child, Lee. Worth Dying For

Lone wolf drifter Jack Reacher gets caught up in a local mess when he stops at a motel in a small, isolated Nebraska town. What starts with Reacher driving a doctor out to treat a battered wife with a nose-bleed soon escalates as Reacher finds out that the abusive husband is the scion of the Duncan clan, a local family which has the rest of the town under its thumb and has been effectively running a miniature dictatorship for decades. Everyone in the area depends on the Duncans to ship out their crops come harvest time, and the Duncans have been milking that power to the point that no one dares to speak or act against them.  No one but Reacher, that is. Former military cop that he is, Reacher has the skills and the inclination to deal with crooks like the Duncans, and when representatives of the Duncans’ OTHER clients show up to find out what’s delaying their shipments, Reacher takes them on, too.

Violent, fast-paced, and light on the moralizing, Worth Dying For is a movie-ready romp. Jack Reacher doesn’t overthink his do-gooding; he just does what needs to be done and if a lot of people get killed in the process, so be it. It’s always the bad guys who die, anyway.

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