Fitzpatrick, Becca. Hush, Hush

What can you say about a paranormal romance in which the love interest is a fallen angel?  Not only is he a fallen angel, but he’s an angel named Patch. It's really difficult to take the character seriously with a name like that.  Still, I persevered in reading this recent teen paranormal romance.

Nora is a high school student who is creeped out by her new biology partner (Patch).  When it becomes apparent that he knows much more about her than she knows about him, she becomes both curious and frightened.  Improbably, the straight-arrow Nora breaks into the student records’ office and looks through Patch’s file to find only blank pages. Things heat up as Patch and another mysterious new student both pursue Nora. There’s a love triangle to keep things interesting and a crazy best friend who helps Nora into plenty of trouble.  This series opener is definitely teen fiction and although it holds some appeal for younger readers, it's not likely to be a crossover title.  You'll find this novel in our Teen Browsing collection.