Green, John. The Fault in Our Stars.

Hazel has resigned herself to being sick for a long time and then dying; That's just what happens when you have terminal cancer. But when she meets Augustus, a survivor in remission, at her usually uneventful cancer support group, her life radically changes, and so does his.

Initially Hazel fights her feelings for Augustus because she doesn't want to be a "grenade", destroying anyone and everyone who gets too close to her. But things change when Hazel and Augustus go on a trip to Amsterdam to meet her favorite author. Unfortunately, he turns out to be a cruel drunk who is unable to face his own suffering, let alone discuss his work that has had such a deep effect on Hazel. Despite that disappointment, however, she finally feels the courage to give in to her deep desire to be with Augustus, for however long it will be. She knows it will be worth it, and it is.

This bittersweet novel from Green is another masterpiece. Hazel and Augustus are two characters so unique and wise beyond their years that you will not forget this story for a long while.