Just a Thought--Coming Soon!

We’re gearing up for a great spring all ready! Temperatures are high, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and a lot of best-selling authors are coming out with spring releases! If you’d like to get ahead of the rush, here’s a small sampling of some of this spring’s sure-bet bestsellers! Call or visit the library to place your reserves now!



  • Baldacci, David.  The Innocent
  • Bradford, Barbara Taylor.  Letter from a Stranger
  • Johansen, Iris.  What Doesn’t Kill You                                                          
  • King, Stephen.  Wind Through the Keyhole
  • Leon, Donna.  Beastly Things
  • McCall Smith, Alexander.  Limpopo Academy of Private Detection
  • Tyler, Anne.  Beginner’s Goodbye
  • Wambaugh, Joseph.  Harbor Nocturne
  • Woods, Stuart.  Unnatural Acts                                                                       



  • Archer, Jeffrey.  Sins of the Father
  • Berry, Steve.  The Columbus Affair
  • Harris, Charlaine.  Deadlocked
  • Irving, John.  In One Person
  • Morrison, Toni.  Home
  • Parker, Robert B.  Lullaby
  • Patterson, James.  11th Hour
  • Quindlen, Anna.  Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake
  • Roberts, Nora.  Witness
  • Sandford, John.  Stolen Prey
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