Just a Thought -- Teen Books for Adults

Given the enduring popularity of Harry Potter and Twilight and the newer Hunger Games craze, not to mention the movie version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit due out this winter, it seems that more and more adult readers are crossing the generation gap and reading books originally intended for young adults—also known as teens. We already put together a list of great teen books for adult readers a few years ago (which you can find here) but it seemed like it might be time for an update! So while you’re waiting for the new Daniel Silva book or trying to get your mitts on Gone Girl, why not head on over to the YA shelves and try out one of these cross-over picks?


Armstrong, Kelley.    The Gathering

Cabot, Meg.     Abandon

Clare, Cassandra.    City of Bones

Condie, Ally.     Matched

Green, John.     The Fault in Our Stars

McBride, Lish.     Hold me Closer, Necromancer

Nix, Garth.    A Confusion of Princes

Ostlere, Kathy.     Karma

Reichs, Kathy.     Virals

Yolen, Jane.     Snow in Summer

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