Just a Thought...Lad Lit

Sure, we’ve all heard of chick lit (sometimes called “the pink books.)  Generally dealing with the lives of urban women in their 20s and 30s, with a heavy emphasis on fashion, friendships, and relationships, the genre is booming.  But have you heard of its male-oriented counterpart, lad lit? Probably not!  Books with this label generally focus on the same age group, but with male characters, fewer descriptions of the characters’ shoes, and just as many coming-of-age relationship troubles.  So if you can’t stand one more “pink book,” why not take a look at how the other half lives and pick up some lad lit instead?


Chabon, Michael.  Wonder Boys

Gayle, Mike.  Mr. Commitment

Hornby, Nick.  High Fidelity

Lethem, Jonathan   You Don’t Love Me Yet

Meno, Joe.  Hairstyles of the Damned

Perrotta, Tom.  Joe College

Pickett, Rex.  Sideways

Tropper, Jonathan.  How To Talk to a Widower

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