Riggs, Ransom. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Jacob Portman always thought that his grandfather was embellishing tales about the time he spent in a Wales orphanage during WWII in order to frighten him; the photographs he showed him of children with strange characteristics could not possibly be real. But when Jacob's grandfather is murdered and Jacob swears he sees a horrible monster lurking nearby, he decides to investigate his grandfather's past in the hopes of discovering the eery circumstances of his death.

When he travels to the orphanage on a remote island, what he finds is not only peculiar, but supernatural: a house full of children with exceptional talents who live in a time loop, experiences a single day in time over and over. When the protection of their loop is threatened by the same monsters that killed Jacob's grandfather, he must decide whether to stay and help his new found family or go back to his own time.

This is a wonderfully unique story intermingled with real photographs. They perfectly illustrate the Gothic characters and setting. Don't miss out on this adventurous fantasy meets family saga.