Rosenfield, Kat. Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone

Becca is on her way to college in just a few short months, finally escaping the claustrophobia of her small town life in conneticut. But only hours after she graduates and her heart is broken by the boy she loves, a body of an young women is found on a dusty road, disrupting the carefully constructed plans she had. With very little evidence and the body yet to be identified, gossip runs wild and Becca becomes strangely obsessed with finding out why this stranger was killed so brutally.

The story is coupled with glimpses of the the victim, Amelia Anne, and her life before her death: her new-found passion of acting, her boredom with her loyal boyfriend and the hopes she has for a new future.  As her story comes closer and closer to the climax, Becca believes she is connecting the pieces of who may have killed Amelia, but sometimes your instincts are not always right. This lyrical mystery has a jaw-dropping ending and should not be missed.


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