Teen/Adult Summer Reading Week Three: Shaun of the Dead

I'll be the first to admit that we sometimes get a little silly with our themes.  Still, we hope you have as much fun with them as we do.  This week's challenge is to read a book by an author named Shaun--however you choose to spell it.  As always, we've given you some choices to pick from.

Shaun, Shawn, or Sean?


Chercover, Sean. Big City, Bad Blood (MYS)

Connery, Sean. Being a Scot (941.1 C752)

Doolittle, Sean. Safer (F)

Greer, Andrew Sean. The Story of a Marriage (F)

Hutchinson, Shaun David. Deathday Letter (Browsing Teen)

Klomparens, Shawn. Jessica Z (F)

Shiflett, Shawn. Hidden Place (F)

Stewart, Sean. Galveston (F)


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