Towles, Amor. Rules of Civility.

In Amor Towles debut novel, 1938 New York City comes alive and two friends, Eve and Katey, are in the middle of it all. When they meet a mysterious and wealthy young man, Tinker Grey, on New Year's Eve, their lives change in ways they would never have expected and suddenly the two women are catapulted into the social jungle of the elite upper-class. However, when a horrible car crash leaves Eve disabled and badly scarred, the previously lighthearted competition between Eve and Katey for Tinker's affections turns serious. Out of guilt, Tinker becomes Eve's caretaker, leaving Katey alone and fending for herself in her new and unfamiliar circle of ever growing acquaintances. While she casually climbs the New York social ladder, she becomes more and more ambitious and independent in other areas of her life, all the while unable to forget Tinker and Eve.

The book finds a good balance between action and introspection through Katey and readers will quickly be drawn into her bittersweet story. Towles is truly gifted in the way he is able to create an authentic feeling of the thirties through his vivid detail, slang and style. Rules of Civility is not just for historical fiction lovers. It is a smart novel with plenty of drama, sure to please anyone looking for a good read.