Wilson, Kevin. The Family Fang

This sharply comic first novel kept my interest from start to finish and has often entered my thoughts months after finishing it.  The story centers on the chaotic art that performance artists Caleb and Camille Fang create along with their two children who are participants—often unwillingly—in the bedlam their parents force upon others…in shopping malls, subway stations, and various other public places.  As the novel progresses, we see how this life has affected the psyches of the Fang children.

The Family Fang is more than just a highly entertaining story.  It is a novel that leaves the reader with some big questions, such as: “What is art?” “Is art worth it for art sake?” and “Does every family subject their children to their own personal “performance art?”

This is a great book, and I wait with anticipation for the next novel by this author.

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