Grennan, Conor. Little Princes: one man’s promise to bring home the lost children of Nepal

Conor Grennan didn’t set out to be a hero.  In fact, the only reasons he volunteered to spend three months helping out in a Nepalese orphanage was that 1) it would be a great way to pick up women (Who could resist that resume item?) and 2) it made him sound less selfish to his family and friends as he outlined his plan to blow through his entire savings accumulated over 8 years in the working world since college graduation.

Little Princes

Casey, Susan. The Wave: In pursuit of the rogues, freaks, and giants of the ocean

Susan Casey is a journalist and author of The Devil’s Teeth, a book about great white sharks.  In her latest, she studies the large waves of tsunamis, rogue waves, and large waves coveted by tow surfers.  She spends much time with giant wave surfer, Laird Hamilton and his friends, as well as with climatologists, wave scientists, and those in shipping to try get a layman’s view of what causes these waves as well as their effects.

The Wave In pursuit of the rogues freaks and giants of the ocean
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