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My Media Mall audiobooks are available in 2 formats: MP3 and WMA.  (See MP3 or WMA -What's the difference for more information).

When used with the Overdrive Media Console many of the players on the market will play both of these formats. MAC devices (Ipods and Iphones) might play some WMA titles but not others (compatibility is determined by the publisher).  There are many different types of portable devices to choose from. Prices can range from under $50 to several hundred dollars.

Some types of available devices include:

  • Dedicated MP3 players (example: iPod Nano)

  • MP3 players with built-in FM radios (example: Sony Walkman)

  • Larger MP3 players that can display photos or video (example: Microsoft Zune or iPod Classic)

  • PDA devices (example: Dell Axim or IPod Touch)

  • Smart Phones (exmple: iPhone,  Cingular 8125, Palm device)

We suggest that you begin with  this list of devices that have been tested by Overdrive for use with My Media Mall.
These devices support both MP3 and WMA files.

Also useful is this list of devices that are NOT compatible with Overdrive WMA files. (but may be compatible with Overdrive MP3 titles)

You might want to think about these questions when shopping for a device.  Then read the reviews of the various devices. You might have to visit the technical specifications or speak to the salesperson to get the answers to your questons.

  1. Physical size?
  2. After you turn it off does it resume from the point where you stopped? Some players go back to the beginning of the file and will not be practical for audiobooks.
  3. Does it support "bookmarking". This is very necessary to save your place in your story and return to it later.
  4. How large of a hard drive does it have; can I store more than 1 audiobook if I'm travelling?
  5. Can I also read EBooks with this device? (iPads and smartphones might fit into this category)
  6. Do I want my device to also function as a music player that uses external speakers or plays through my car radio?

Do I want my device to display photographs or play video along with audio files?

What is the battery life? Rechargeable or replaceable batteries?

Availability accessories like arm straps or AC power adapters.

Reviews- Sites where you can find reviews of MP3 players:

PC Magazine

CNet Reviews

Consumer Search



My Media Mall ebooks are available in 3 formats; PDF, Mobipocket, and EPUB. PDF and EPUB books can be read on a Windows or Mac computer or a dedicated Ebook reader. Mobipocket ebooks may be read on a Windows computer or various small personal devices.

PDF Ebooks

PDF Ebooks are read with Adobe Digital Editions software. This software is compatible with MAC and PC computers and can be transferred to any device that is compatible with Adobe Digital Editions. PDF represents a fixed-page view and gives the publisher complete control over page layout and presentation. The reader sees the content exactly as the publisher intended. It is best for non-fiction titles with charts and/or graphs.
More information about PDF ebooks.


EPUB Ebooks are also read with Adobe Digital Editions software and are also compatible with MAC and PC computers. The EPub format  allows digital publication text to reflow according to screen size, enabling the publisher to distribute and the reader to consume digital publications on a variety of screen sizes. Text can be easily re-sized if needed.
More information about EPub ebooks.

This list of Adobe Digital Editions-compatible devices includes the Sony Portable Readers among others. Most smart phones do not, at this time, support this format. They probably will in the future. If the device also supports MP3 playback you can also listen to MP3 audiobooks on them.

Mobipocket Ebooks

Mobipocket is a format designed for reading on small Windows devices. The Mobipocket Reader is an eBook Reader for Windows computers as well as Smartphones and most PDAs. More information about My Media Mall Mobipocket format books is available here.
Mobipocket-compatible devices include Blackberry phones, Windows-based SmartPhones, and Nokia Phones.


Kindle devices use a proprietary format sold only by They are not compatible with any My Media Mall files except that you may use them to listen to MP3 audiobooks.


Review sites for ereaders:
eBook Reader 2011 comparison

PC Magazine - How to buy an Ebook Reader

CNet Reviews