The Girl of Fire and Thorns

Rae Carson

Reading Level: Grades 7+

The gods bestowed the godstone on Princess Lucero-Elissa de Riqueza on her namiing day.  Sixteen years later she has not exibited any of the heroic traits looked for in a chosen one.  Elissa is used to being a disappointment.   As  the obese, untalented younger sister of the beautiful, slim and multitalented Princess Alodia, Elissa is usually the object of pity or scorn.  But since her father decided to use his second daughter in a political marriage with King Alejandro there is no way for Elissa to avoid the very public ceremony or the disappointed eyes of her groom.

King Alejandro isn't concered with his new bride's weight or beauty.  He needs a chosen one to save his kingdom.  After the wedding it becomes apparent that Alejandro is not the only one who wants the bearer of the godstone.  Many do and most are willing to kill to control her.

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