Subject Guide for Computers and Technology


Cloud Computing

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Collaborate with co-workers in real time on documents, spreadsheets, and more.

Office Online, file and photo storage and sharing, Messenger, Hotmail and more

Microsoft Cloud

The Microsoft Cloud helps businesses of all types scale to meet changing needs and drive productivity in a connected world.

Zoho Writer

Easy online word processor.



Product and softwre reviews for computers, cell phones, tablets, tvs and more.

Healthy Computing

An "office ergonomics" website with information on carpel tunnel syndrome and how to use your computer and avoid injuries.

Mac 101

From Apple. A guide to using a Mac effectively and efficiently.

PC World

Technology news and reviews of tech products including computers, camcorders, printers, mobile apps, servers, cameras, tvs and more.

SWALCO Electronics Collections

Where to dispose of unwanted computers, small appliances, televisions, and more. is an educational website that teaches older adults and others with limited computer skills how to use the most popular websites on the Internet.


Online dictionary of computer terms.

Windows Help & How-to

Help with all currently supported Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Graphics and Images

Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab offers the space, equipment, and software for you to get creative with video, music, graphic design, and more.

Gale Courses: Graphic Design

Gale Courses offers a wide range of highly interactive, instructor led courses in computer based graphic design that you can take entirely online at no cost with a Highland Park library card.

Photo scanning: Tips for using a photo scanner

This resource from HP has tips for getting the best scans of your photos and also a guide on purchasing a scanner.


Internet Archive

A digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.

W3Schools Online

Learn to create websites with free tutorials in all web development techniques.

Internet Safety

A Parents' Guide to Internet Safety

From the F.B.I.


Site for the Anti-Phishing Working Group where you can report a phishing attempt and learn about how to protect yourself.

Consumer Reports Guide to Internet Security
Microsoft safety and security center

Free PC safety scans, spyware removal, and antivirus/antispyware software plus tips for avoiding phishing scams, protecting your personal information, and more.

National Cyber Security Alliance

This site will help hou identify the latest Internet Scams, Identity Theft, and Urban Legends.

Mobile Computing and Phones

Android 101; A guide to using your Android Phone
Ready to get started with your Android phone? This walk-through will have you up and running in no time.
Blackberry Support & Services

Community forums, downloads, how-tos, and more.

iPad support

Answers to your questions about your iPad from Apple.

iPhone support

From Apple. iPhone how-tos, manuals, support.

Think Free Online

A free web office suite with online storage that can be accessed online or from a mobile device.

Windows Phone

Getting Started, how-tos, updates, apps & games plus more.

Software and Games

Game Spot

Reviews, cheats, forums and more for computer games on PCs, gaming platforms, and phones.

In Pictures: Online Computer Tutorials

Online tutorials based on pictures for software including Microsoft Office, Open Office, web design and scripting languages.

Mac Update

Comprehensive site for Macintosh programs and software reviews.

Microsoft Office Training

Online tutorials for Office 2010 from Microsoft

Microsoft Office Videos

Microsoft Office 2010 instructional videos.

Microsoft Office Website

Everthing you need for Microsoft Office including templates for resumes, budgets, presentations, and more.


Tutorials for Graphics programs, Web development programs, Business Applications, Databases, Operating Systems, Video Editing and more.