Divergent Day a Big Success!

Kids in grades 5 through 8 enjoyed an afternoon of activities based on the factions from the hit young adult series and new movie, Divergent.

As they arrived the participants were assigned to one of four groups which rotated through the library trying activities which would appeal to each of the five Divergent factions. The Abnegation faction made cards and filled tote bags with books for the North Shore Health Center's young patients. Dauntless tried their hands (and feet) at Krav Maga with Krav Maga Illinois. Candor used theater games to explore feelings and honesty.  Amity learned the basics of yoga and Erudite received chess lessons. At the end of the event everyone met back in our auditorium and chose what faction they felt most comfortable with. Not surprisingly, many decided they were most likely to be Divergent.  Go to the Library Gerbils' Facebook page to see photos of the event, or their YouTube channel to view some short videos.

YS Reviewers: