Child Safety in the Library

Making Your Child's Library Visit Safe & Fun

We endeavor to make the Library an enjoyable place to visit so that you and your family will want to return many times and share in the great resources we have to offer.  We want the Library to be safe and secure for everyone, including young children.

The Library Board, therefore, has established the following Child Safety Policy:

Children age seven or under shall not be left alone in the Library.  Children age seven or under must be accompanied and directly supervised by a responsible parent, guardian or caregiver, 16 years or older, at all times in all areas of the Library. Direct staff supervision of children is available only during Library programs. 

Children age eight or older, when left alone, must be involved in a Library program or activity. 

Children age eight or older, when left alone, must be able to contact a responsible person in case of emergency or for transportation needs. 

Parents or guardians must pick up their children prior to Library closing time.  Children age 12 or under who are not picked up by closing time may be placed, for their protection, in the custody of the police. 

Library staff members do not function in loco parentis or as substitute caregivers, and cannot supervise children -- except during Library programs.

Staff are instructed to unite unattended children with their parent or caregiver and remind them of this policy.

Adopted February 14, 1989
Revised November 11, 2003

Reminders to Parents:

Prepare your child for a visit to the Library.  Remind your child that the Library is not the place for running, shouting or climbing.

Encourage good library manners by modeling appropriate behavior for young children:  use "inside voices" and handle materials with care.  Return puzzles and toys to their tables and place items you do not wish to check out on a table or book cart.

If you send your child age seven or under to the Library with another caregiver, be sure that personn is at least 16 years old.

Tailor the length of the visit to your child's needs.  End your visit as soon as your child begins to lose interest.  Your child's feelings for the Library, books and reading will remain positive when library visits end with smiles.