Arthur, Merlin and Lancelot


Because they looked so similar to their predecessors many patrons did not realize that these three were different gerbils, but they have distinct differences.  Arthur, often mistaken for Hickory, was a standard brown gerbil not a pied agouti, Merlin was a black gerbil rather than a slate like Doc. Lancelot was a Siamese like Dickory.  Arthur loved to run on the wheel, while Merlin was the chow hound and wound up twice the size a gerbil should be!  Lancelot was the low man on the totem pole and was often ganged up on by Arthur and Merlin. Despite this bullying the three were avid cuddlers and preferred to sleep on their backs like humans which often concerned our patrons. In later life Arthur broke a tooth and required monthly dental treatments at the vet.