Henry and Mudge and Family

(2006 - 2008)

Henry was a lilac gerbil, dark grey with redish eyes, and Mudge was a cinnamon gerbil, a dark gold. Although they were supposed to both be boys, we were a bit suspicious that they were not and our suspicions proved true when Mudge gave birth to 10 babies on November 27, 2006. We gave away all but three of the babies to staff members; keeping two males, Spot and Ribsy, and a female, Lassie. We had planned to move Henry, Spot and Ribsy to their own tank before the birth of the second litter, but Mudge had other plans and gave birth to 9 babies in the wee hours of January 2, 2007, a week earlier than expected! The boys moved to their new home two days later. We gave all of the second litter of babies away to children whose parents submitted requests for a pair of gerbils. Finally on February 11, 2007 Mudge gave birth to her last litter of 8 babies. Those gerbils were also given to some of our young patrons. Visit our YouTube channel to see movies of the babies.