Are You Wild About Harry Potter?

Try These!

Alexander, Lloyd    The "Chronicles of Prydain"
(1) The Book of Three.
(2) The Black Cauldron.
(3) The Castle of Llyr.
(4) Taran Wanderer.
(5) The High King.

Barron, T.A.     The "Lost Years of Merlin” series
(1) The Lost Years of Merlin.
(2) The Seven Songs of Merlin.
(3) The Fires of Merlin.
(4) The Mirror of Merlin.

(5) The Wings of Merlin.

Bellairs, John     The "Lewis Barnavelt" series

(1) The House with a Clock in Its Walls.
(2) The Figure in the Shadows.
(3) The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring.
(4) The Ghost in the Mirror.

Boston, Lucy M.     The "Green Knowe" series
(1) The Children of Green Knowe.
(2) Treasure of Green Knowe.
(3) The River at Green Knowe.
(4) A Stranger at Green Knowe.
(5) An Enemy at Green Knowe.

Colfer, Eoin    The "Artemis Fowl" series
(1) Artemis Fowl.
(2) Artemis Fowl:  The Arctic Incident.
(3) Artemis Fowl:  The Eternity Code.
(4) Artemis Fowl:  The Opal Deception.
(5) Artemis Fowl:  The Lost Colony.

(6) Artemis Fowl:  The Time Paradox.

Cooper, Susan     The "Dark is Rising” series
(prequel) Over Sea, Under Stone.
(1) The Dark is Rising.
(2) Greenwitch.
(3) The Grey King.
(4) Silver on the Tree.

Dahl, Roald     Matilda.

Dahl, Roald     The Witches.

Downer, Ann    Hatching Magic.

Duane, Diane     The “Young Wizards” series
(1) So You Want to Be a Wizard.
(2) Deep Wizardry.
(3) High Wizardry.
(4) A Wizard Abroad.
(5) The Wizard's Dilemma.
(6) A Wizard Alone.
(7) Wizard's Holiday.
(8) Wizards at War.

Eager, Edward

(1) Half Magic.
(2) Knight’s Castle.
(3) The Time Garden.
(4) Magic by the Lake.

Fletcher, Susan

(1) Flight of the Dragon Kyn.
(2) Dragon’s Milk.
(3) Sign of the Dove.

Ibbotson, Eva     The Secret of Platform 13.

Ibbotson, Eva     Which Witch?

Jones, Diana Wynne    The “Chrestomanci Cycle”
(1) Charmed Life.
(2) The Magicians of Caprona.
(3) Witch Week.
(4) The Lives of Christopher Chant.
(5) Mixed Magics.

(6) Conrad's Fate.

Jones, Diana Wynne    The Merlin Conspiracy.

Lee, Tanith     The "Claidi Journals"
(1) Wolf Tower.
(2) Wolf Star.
(3) Wolf Queen.
(4) Wolf Wing.

Le Guin, Ursula     The “Earthsea” series
(1) A Wizard of Earthsea.
(2) The Tombs of Atuan.
(3) The Farthest Shore.
(4) Tehanu:  The Last Book of Earthsea.
(5) Tales from Earthsea.
(6) The Other Wind.

L’Engle, Madeleine     The "Murry Family Saga"
(1) A Wrinkle in Time.
(2) A Wind in the Door.
(3) A Swiftly Tilting Planet.
(4) Many Waters.

Lubar, David    Wizards of the Game.

McCaffrey, Anne.     The “Harper Hall” trilogy
(1) Dragonsong.
(2) Dragonsinger.
(3) Dragondrums.

McKinley, Robin     The "Blue Sword" duet
(1) The Hero and the Crown.
(2) The Blue Sword.

Morris, Gerald

(1) The Squire’s Tale.
(2) The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady.
(3) The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf.
(4) Parsifal’s Page.
(5) The Ballad of Sir Dinadan.
(6) The Princess, the Crone, and the Dung-Cart Knight.
(7) The Lioness & Her Knight.

(8) The Quest of the Fair Unknown.

(9) The Squire's Quest.

Naylor, Phyllis
(1) Witch’s Sister.
(2) Witch Water.
(3) The Witch Herself.
(4) The Witch's Eye.
(5) Witch Weed.

Nimmo, Jenny    The "Children of the Red King" series
(1) Midnight for Charlie Bone.
(2) Charlie Bone and the Time Twister.
(3) Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy.
(4) Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors.

(5) Charlie Bone and the Hidden King.

(6) Charlie Bone and the Beast.

(7) Charlie Bone and the Shadow.

Nix, Garth

(1) Sabriel.
(2) Lirael, Daughter of the Clayr.
(3) Abhorsen.

Pierce, Meredith     The "Darkangel" trilogy
(1) The Darkangel.
(2) A Gathering of Gargoyles.
(3) The Pearl of the Soul of the World.

Pierce, Tamora     The “Circle of Magic” series
(1) Sandry’s Book.
(2) Tris’s Book.
(3) Daja’s Book.
(4) Briar’s Book.

Pullman, Philip     "His Dark Materials" trilogy
(1) The Golden Compass.
(2) The Subtle Knife.
(3) The Amber Spyglass.

Rubinstein, Gillian     Under the Cat’s Eye: A Tale of Morph and Mystery.

Sage, Angie    Magyk.

Stroud, Jonathan    The "Bartimaeus" trilogy
(1) The Amulet of Samarkand.
(2) The Golem's Eye.
(3) Ptolemy's Gate.

Thompson, Kate

(1) Switchers.
(2) Midnight’s Choice.
(3) Wild Blood.

Turner, Megan Whalen

(1) The Thief.
(2) The Queen of Attolia.

Vande Velde, Vivian     Never Trust a Dead Man.

Vande Velde, Vivian     Now You See It...

Venokur, Ross     The Amazing Frecktacle.

Wrede, Patricia     The “Enchanted Forest Chronicles”
(1) Dealing with Dragons.
(2) Searching for Dragons.
(3) Calling on Dragons.
(4) Talking to Dragons.

Yep, Laurence     The "Dragon" quartet
(1) Dragon of the Lost Sea.
(2) Dragon Steel.
(3) Dragon Cauldron.
(4) Dragon War.

Yolen, Jane     The “Pit Dragon” chronicles
(1) Dragon’s Blood.
(2) Heart’s Blood.
(3) A Sending of Dragons.

Zambreno, Mary Frances

(1) A Plague of Sorcerers.
(2) Journeyman Wizard.