New Books for 7th & 8th Graders

Walter Dean Myers and Ross Workman

Reading Level: Grade 6-8

When 14-year-old Ross Workman wrote a fan letter to his favorite author Walter Dean Myers, he never expected to be invited to write a book with his idol. "Kick" is the result. Mr. Myers writes the voice of Sergeant Brown, an African America police police veteran. Ross writes the voice of Kevin, a 13-year-old white kid who has been charged with a serious felony.

When Kevin, who is charged with kidnapping and grand theft auto, meets Sergeant Brown he finds it hard to trust the man or his motives. Unless Kevin can get over his reservations he will most likely be incarcerated for the rest of his childhood.

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Chris Lynch

Reading Level: Grade 8+

Russell was named for DJ's father. DJ was named for Russell's. Their dads were neighbors, best friends and coworkers. Both were firemen. They did everything together...including dying in the same fire.

When their small town hails both men as heroes, both their sons and widows are expected to attend function after function honoring the men. Although Russell is intensely proud of his father, he and DJ both wish the attention would end.

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The Book of Spells: A Private Prequel
Kate Brian

Reading Level: Grades 8+

Kate Brian expands the back story of her Private series in this gripping prequel.

16-year-old Eliza is delighted when her mother decides to send Eliza away to the Billings School for Girls. Finally, she will have a chance to spread her wings away from her mother's eagle eye. But the expectations for upper class girls at the beginning of the 20th century are stifling whether enforced by her mother or the teachers at the school.

When a forbidden moonlight excursion lands Eliza and three friends in trouble, they are sentenced to weeding the school garden. There Eliza uncovers a buried cache of dangerous books that lead the girls into supernatural danger.

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