Reading Readiness Areas

Children get ready to read years before they start school. The activities in our Reading Readiness areas will nurture many of the skills children need to develop in order to become good readers. Explore, have fun and learn together!

activity panelplay cube
Activity Panels & Play Cube help your child develop visual tracking skills, size and shape discrimination and manual dexterity.

abc puzzle
Puzzles help your child develop fine motor skills, visual discrimination and visual memory.

story mural
Storybook House Mural introduces nursery rhyme and story characters. Retelling and singing the rhymes and stories together helps your child recognize similar sounds in words as well as the patterns and rhythms of language.

Storytelling Flannel Board nurtures your child's sequencing skills, listening comprehension and vocabulary.

sensory bins
Touch & Feel Sorting Bins and the items for this cabinet can be used in many ways and by children of all ages and abilities. Exploring different textures opens children to accepting how things around them feel. Finding items that look or feel similar to the front of the cabinet help children with decoding and identification. Reading and feeling the textured books allows for an interactive reading experience.

puppet tree
Puppet Tree House stimulates your child's imagination, fosters narrative skills and encourages cooperative play.

art table
Art Table Projects nurture your child's fine motor skills, creativity, and enjoyment of books.

lego wall unit
Duplo Boards foster letter knowledge and word recognition.

child at computer
Reading Readiness Computer Stations (3 English language and one Bilingual/Spanish) feature more than 60 educational software programs spanning seven curricular areas.

chidl at ipad
iPads feature a variety of early learning apps.