Todd Strasser

Reading Level: Grade 7-12

At 16, Jamie Gordon is the youngest of the paparazzi in New York and thus a celebrity in her own right. She is given a dream job that every celebrity photographer would want. Jamie is hired to photograph a week in the life of super star Willow Twine at the star’s Hollywood mansion. Willow needs to prove to the studio that she is drug free and Jamie needs to prove that she is truly talented and her celebrity is no fluke.

The book is narrated from several points of view. There is Jamie’s first person narration, e-mails to her boyfriend Nasim, the story of Avy, an aspiring actor who is Jamie’s best friend, letters from an obsessed Willow fan, and the perspective of a police detective. The plotline goes back and forth in time but each chapter names the narrator and the exact date. It can be a bit confusing, but the extra effort needed to follow the plot is well worth it.

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