Cat Patrick

Reading Level: Ages 12 and up

Every night, 16-year-old London Lane's memory is erased. She needs her notebook and notes to enable her to prepare for the coming day. While she can't remember the past, she can "remember" the future. Once the events actually happen, they, too, are erased. Only her mom and her best friend know of her strange condition. London meets and begins to date the gorgeous new boy in school, but she's disturbed that she has no future memories of him. Then strange dreams begin to surface. Are they about the future or the past?

There are people who are unable to make new memories. The story combines that with the fantasy element of remembering the future. This is an engrossing pageturner that the reader won't want to put down.Yes, there are some inconsistencies in the storyline, but the book is so enjoyable that few will care.

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