Dana Reinhardt

Reading Level: Grades 7 and up

Once you tell one lie, it gets easier and easier and easier. All it takes is just one little lie.

Emma, Anna, and Mariah weren't supposed to be at a party with senior boys, but they were anyways. Emma wasn't supposed to fall in love with one of them, but she did. Anna wasn't supposed to be a bad girl, but she was. And Mariah wasn't supposed to even be friends with Anna and Emma, being a popular girl and all. But she was.

All of these things culminate in the lie that Emma was attacked by a masked man at the riverside but the three fended him off. That's why the girls were late coming home from the 'play' they went to see.

The girls think that once the police hit a dead end in finding the attacker, they won't pursue it any further. But they're sorely mistaken, and their lie snowballs and snowballs until it is beyond any control.

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