Paw Power

Kitty Wells

Reading Level: Grade 2-4

Maddy has wanted a cat her whole entire life. But, according to her mother, she can never ever have one because her little brother Jack is allergic to cats. Maddy's luck changes when Jack spots a set of three ceramic cats in an antique market. The mysterious woman at the stall agrees to give them to Maddy only after reading Maddy's palm.

The next day one of the statues turns into a real, very tiny, grey cat named Greykin. Greykin explains that only one of the cats animates at a time and that is only when there is trouble. According to Greykin, the trouble is at Maddie's school. Once he identifies it, he will need Maddy's help to set things right. Can a timid girl like Maddy help Greykin? Or is his quest doomed to failure?

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