Sentimental Favorites

These fondly remembered stories continue to be treasured by both adults and children.  Click on the title to see if the book is available.

Brooks, Walter R. "Freddy the Pig" series
Williams, Margery The Velveteen Rabbit
Blyton, Enid "Secret Seven" series
Butterworth, Oliver The Enormous Egg
Corbett, Scott "Trick" series
Dixon, Franklin W. "Hardy Boys" series
Dodge, Mary Mapes Hans Brinker; or The Silver Skates
DuBois, William Pene The Twenty-One Balloons
Eckert, Allan Incident at Hawk's Hill
Edwards, Julie Mandy
Fitzgerald, John "Great Brain" series
Fleming, Ian Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Garfield, James Follow My Leader
Hope, Laura Lee "Bobbsey Twins" series
Kastner, Erich Emil and the Detectives
Keene, Carolyn "Nancy Drew" series
Knight, Eric Lassie Come-Home
Lovelace, Maud Hart "Betsy-Tacy" series
MacDonald, Betty Bard "Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle" series
Marshall, James Walkabout
McSwigan, Marie Snow Treasure
Morey, Walt Gentle Ben
Nash, Mary "Mrs. Coverlet" series
Nesbit, E. The Railway Children
Nordstrom, Ursula The Secret Language
North, Sterling Rascal: A Memoir of a Better Era
Parish, Peggy "Key to the Treasure" series
Rodgers, Mary Freaky Friday
Saki The Story-Teller: Thirteen Tales by Saki
Sharp, Margery The Rescuers
Sidney, Margaret Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
Slobodkin, Louis "Space Ship" series
Spyri, Johanna Heidi
Streatfeild, Noel "Shoes" series
Taylor, Sydney "All-of-a-Kind Family" series
Terhune, Albert Lad, a Dog
Tunis, John The Kid from Tomkinsville
Warner, Gertrude "Boxcar Children" series
Webster, Jean Daddy-Long-Legs
Wiggin, Kate Douglas Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Wilder, Laura Ingalls "Little House" series