New Animal Stories

Shaggy Dogs, Waggy Dogs by Patricia Hubbell

Reading Level: Ages 2 - 6

This charmingly illustrated rhyming book celebrates dogs of all types, sizes and behaviors.

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Max & Mo Series by Patricia Lakin

Reading Level: Grades 1 - 2

Max and Mo are a pair of school hamsters who remind us of certain library rodents we know you all love. Max and Mo share a habitat in the school's art room and watch the children participate in class. In each book they sneak out of their cage to have some fun of their own using a few basic art supplies. Each book has directions for an art project at the end. The only way this series could be made better would be if Max and Mo were gerbils instead of hamsters.

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School for Bandits by Hannah Shaw

Reading Level: PreK-1

Ralph isn't a normal raccoon - he doesn't like being messy, or rude. So his parents ship him off to Bandit School, where Ralph is the worst student of all. He's just awful at everything, and when the term ends, his teacher assigns a competition - whoever has the largest sack of loot after vacation wins the Best Bandit prize. Ralph isn't interested, not one bit. He stays in his room reading over the break, not wanting to get in anyone's way. But then something happens on his way back to school, and Ralph becomes the best!

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