New Science Fiction

The Always War
Margaret Peterson Haddix

Reading Level: Grades 5 - 8

For as long as anyone alive can remember Eastam and Westam have been at war; battling for control of The Center. Life is dreary in Waterford City. Everything revolves around the war effort. The best and brightest children are sent to military school at the age of eight. Everyone else's work somehow connects to the war too whether it is making weapons, delivering weapons, or recycling scrapped weapons. But when local war hero Gideon returns to town he and his former neighbor, Tessa, will accidentally discover the truth about the never-ending war.

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Zita the Spacegirl: Book 1: Far from Home
Ben Hatke

Reading Level: Grades 3-5

If you found a hole out in the grass while exploring, and inside the hole was a meteoroid, and poking out of the meteoroid was a button, you'd probably push it, wouldn't you? (I would.  Zita did.)

You'd probably freak out when your best friend Joseph got sucked into into this weird vortex thing after you pushed the botton... and then when you pushed the button again, YOU got sucked in, plopping out onto an alien planet. (I would. Zita kind of did.)

Zita's best friend Joseph has been kidnapped by a cult of aliens who believe the world is about to end... and the button that brought both her and Joseph to this alien world is crushed accidentally by a huge alien named Strong-Strong.

So now Zita's totally stuck on an alien planet that apparently is about to come to an end, her best friend has been kidnapped, AND she has no way to get home.

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A Confusion of Princes
Nix, Garth

19-year-old Khemri is one of millions of princes. All were chosen as babies from across the vast empire. Khemri has been enhanced and trained all his life. He dreams of being the special one...THE prince who will become the one to control the mind of the vast empire.

On the day of his investiture Khemri learns it is much more likely that he will die. For on that day, the assassination attempts begin.

Reading Level: Grades 8+


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