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News from the Youth Department

  • Rhyme and rhythm are great tools for boosting literacy at any age. From Mother Goose to Jack Prelutsky to Emily Dickinson, poetry helps us use and understand language in new and interesting ways. National Poetry Month in April gives us a great opportunity to introduce kids to all types and styles of poetry, and there's poetry aplenty in the Youth Services department all month long!

    Pick up a hunt sheet for our Poetry Scavenger Hunt at the Youth Services desk and begin your search for great poems. Turn in your completed sheet for a chance to win a magnetic poetry set. One entry per kid, ages 5-14.

    Memorize and recite a poem for staff at the Youth Services desk to enter a drawing to win a magnetic poetry set. Kids ages 5-14 are eligible when they recite a poem with 3 lines or more. Memorize and recite another poem for another entry! One entry per poem per person. Pick out your poem from one of the books in our hallway display or from our "Poem in Your Pocket" wall!

    Kids 4 and younger can pick up a Nursery Rhyme Bingo card and hunt for nursery rhyme characters in the murals in the Inger Boye room to get “bingo” and win a prize!

    Big kids in 4th to 8th grades are invited to our Blackout Poetry Party on April 18, where we'll use markers and recycled books to make amazing poems! No poetry experience required. Refreshments will be provided. Click here to register.

New Book Reviews

Survivor Diaries: Overboard! by Terry Lynn Johnson for 2nd Grade through 4th Grade
Waiting for Biblioburro/Esperando el Biblioburro by Monica Brown for Preschoolers through 1st Grade
Star-crossed by Barbara Dee for 4th Grade through 8th Grade
Hideout by Watt Key for 5th Grade through 8th Grade
Mr Pants: Slacks, Camera Action! by Scott McCormick for 1st Grade through 4th Grade
Zenn Diagram by Wendy Brant for 8th Grade through High Schoolers