Don't Google when it counts

Don’t risk your business, investments, or class grade on sketchy research. 

Google is great, but when you want to be sure you have hard facts and authoritative information, the library’s premium online resources are the way to go. Premium resources are collections of professional-grade information, written, complied, and organized by experts.

They are:

  • Composed of published works where facts are checked and an editorial process is used
  • Well-organized, providing advanced searching that can help narrow a topic or suggest related subjects
  • Typically written from a neutral point of view, without hidden bias
  • Updated frequently and indicates the date of publication, so you can confirm how current the information is
  • Often available by subscription only

Examples include Consumer Reports OnlineLexisNexisMorningstar Investment Research CenterAncestry.comWorld Book encyclopedia, and others. The library subscribes to more than 60 such services, covering a wide range of subject areas including business, genealogy, history and geography, test preparation, language learning, technology and computers, health and medicine, auto repair, and more.

Access is free when you log in with your Highland Park Public Library card. Most premium resources are available from your personal computer or mobile device. For a small handful of these resources, access is limited by the publisher to in-library use only. Find the full list at:

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