RFID is coming

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This technology makes it possible to check items in and out using radio frequency tags instead of bar codes. And it's coming to your Library soon!

How does it Work?

A radio Frequency ID tag is being added to every item in the library.  The information stored on the tags can be transmitted to the RFID antenna and read for item check-out and check-in.

The library will be installing new self-check machines that have the ability to read the RFID tags.

What are the advantages of this system?

RFID will improve customer service, staff productivity, and collection security.

Easier self-checkout – The RFID system will enable multiple item checkout, shortening lines and saving you time.

Easier check-in – The RFID system will allow faster check in resulting in faster turnaround and collection access for you.

Enhanced Security – New security gates have the ability to identify items that have not been checked out correctly before they leave the library; resulting in fewer missing items and more accurate shelf status.

Enhanced inventory procedures – will allow for the identification of miss-shelved items and get them to the proper place for easy retrieval.

Easier fine payment - Our new self-check kiosks will allow for payment of fines with credit cards or cash.

Does RFID effect my privacy?

                No. Patron information is not collected or tracked with RFID. The Library is committed to the highest standards with regards to patron privacy.

Will the staff be decreased?

                NO. We have plenty of work for the current staff at Highland Park Public Library. As we move forward with new Library services, you might see your favorite Highland Park Public Library staff member doing something new. Prepare to be delighted.

When will it be installed?

                We are busy tagging all 277,000 items in the Library. We hope to be done with this task in early spring and anticipate the hardware to be configured and installed sometime this spring.